Whichever way you voted in 2016, or even if you couldn't vote, it is becoming increasingly clear that Britain is going to get a raw deal when we leave the EU.

As the government continues to hopelessly handle the negotiations for a deal good enough for Britain, young people are standing up for their futures and fighting to avoid a Brexit which will disproportionately affect them.

We will lose the right to live, work and love in 27 other EU countries - rights happily enjoyed by the generations before us. We will be the ones navigating the shrinking post-Brexit job market and we will be the ones trying to raise families in an economy that is grinding to a halt. It is our generation that will be living in a country that is no longer committed to the open, international outlook which determined its success and security in the past.

Demand a People's Vote on the Final Brexit Deal and call on your MP to stand up for your interests in Parliament!

Theresa May's car crash Brexit will soon come to a hopelessly divided Parliament: sign here if the people should decide instead:

Will you sign?

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